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Academic Qualification

  • 2006 - 2008 M.A. Development Management (University of Bochum) Thesis: The Impact of Agricultural Mechanization on Poverty Alleviation in a Seasonal Environment - A Project Evaluation from Northern Bangladesh.
  • 2002 - 2005 B.A. African Development Studies in Geography (University of Bayreuth) Thesis: Der Einfluss des Tourismus auf Herstellung und Handel von Kunsthandwerk in Ägypten. (The Impact of Tourism on Production and Trade of Handicrafts in Egypt) pdf


  • development studies
  • urban geography
  • the social embeddedness of markets
  • the logic of the gift
  • water distribution
  • infrastructure failure
  • study regions: Bangladesh and Sudan


Between moral and interests. Water supply in peri-urban Khartoum.

In my PhD project I reconstruct water supply in a peri-urban neighbourhood in Khartoum. Water is delivered by a malfunctioning water network, informal water vendors and – to satisfy basic needs of all – redistributed among neighbours for free. In its ‘biography’, water is embedded into different contexts, which are never completely based on market mechanisms, but are always – to more or less degree – related to motives which are not based on economic profit. The different constellations in which water is transferred are analysed in the framework of Bourdieu’s ‘Theory of Practice’ which is confronted with people's ethics as an antipode to Bourdieu’s focus on power and capital exchange.


2011 (Draft) When Water Leaves the Market. Gifting and Social Redistribution of Water in Khartoum, Paper for ECAS 4, Uppsala 15-18.6.2011. pdf

2010 (with D. Müller-Mahn, S. M. Abdalla and A.-S. Beckedorf) “Wasserversorgung und Stadtentwicklung in Khartum”,Geographische Rundschau, 62, 10, p.38-44.

2009 “Wasser teilt die Städte Afrikas”, Universitas, Le Magazine de l'Université de Fribourg, March 2009, p.33-34. pdf

2008 The Impact of Agricultural Mechanisation on Poverty Alleviation in a Seasonal Environment: a Project Evaluation from Northern Bangladesh, IEE Working Papers, Volume 188, Bochum: Institut für Entwicklungsforschung und Entwicklungspolitik, 98 p. pdf

2006 “Monga - Seasonal Food Insecurity in Bangladesh - Bringing the Information Together”, in The Journal of Social Studies, No. 111 July-Sept 2006, p. 21-39. pdf

2005 “Das Holzkästchen. Ein komplexes kunsthandwerkliches Produkt unter dem Einfluss von Tourismus und Massenproduktion”, in Kemet 4/2005, p. 66-69.




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