andrea zinzani

Personal Info

Academic Qualification

  • 2011-2014: Phd student in international cotutoring with Verona University (Italy)
  • 2012: Visiting researcher at the Auezova State University, Shymkent, (Kazakhstan), Department of History- Archeology-Geography 
    Visiting researcher at the International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Tashkent, (Uzbekistan)
  • 2010-2011: Student Assistant of BA and MA "Geography and Territorial Processes", Bologna University (Italy).
  • 2006-2009 MA Geography and territorial processes (University of Bologna)
  • 2002-2006 BA Geographical sciences (University of Bologna)


  • Water resources management and related processes
  • International water paradigms (IWRM and IMT)
  • Transboundary water issues (cooperation and conflict)
  • State / territory relations and territorialization processes
  • Post-Soviet reforms                    

Study regions:

  • Central Asia (Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan)


IWRM implementation analysis and water management issues in Central Asia: a comparative approach between Middle Zeravshan valley (Uzbekistan) and Arys valley (Kazakhstan)


Prof. Christine Bichsel

Prof. Salgaro (University of Verona, Italy)





2015. "The Logics of Water Policies in Central Asia: A Comparison of the IWRM Implementation in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan", LIT Verlag (Forum Politische Geographie), Berlin. (in press) 


publications in journals with peer review process

"Are the Central Asian WUAs an Effective Example of Participatory Irrigation Management? Evidence from the Samarkand Province (Uzbekistan) and the South-Kazakhstan Province (Kazakhstan)", Cahiers d'Asie Centrale (under review)

"The Logic of the Irrigation Management Transfer and the Role of Irrigation Bureaucracies in Uzbekistan: The Special Case of the Samarkand Province", International Journal of Water Resources Development (under review)

2015. "Problematiche di Gestione dell'Acqua e Logiche dell' IWRM in Asia Centrale: un Approccio Comparativo tra la Media Valle dello Zeravshan (Uzbekistan) e la Valle dell'Arys (Kazakhstan)", Rivista Geografica Italiana 122, pp. 33-48

2014. "Irrigation Management Transfer and WUAs’ dynamics: Evidence from the  South-Kazakhstan Province", Environmental Earth Sciences Journal, DOI 10.1007/s12665-014-3209-6

2011. "Tra irriguo e seccagno: le trasformazioni recenti nella Media Valle dello Zeravshan, Uzbekistan" (Dry and irrigated lands: today's territory transformations in Middle Zeravshan Valley, Uzbekistan), Rivista Geografica Italiana 118, pp. 461-488


publications in books with peer review process

2013. "Focus 11, Astana", in Giovannini, C., La Geografia Urbana, Bruno Mondadori, Milano.

2013. "Focus 12 , Samarkand", in Giovannini, C., La Geografia Urbana, Bruno Mondadori, Milano.


talks and selected conferences

2014. Second Meeting of the Taks Force on the Water-Food-Energy-Ecosystem Nexus in Transboundary Basins under the Water Convention, UNECE, United Nations, Geneva (Switzerland)

2014. European Geosciences Union (EGU) International conference, Wien, Austria. Talk: "Irrigation Management Transfer and WUAs dynamics: Evidence from the South-Kazakhstan Province"

2012. International Geographical Union (IGU) International conference, Koln, Germany. Talk: "Water Processes in Post-Soviet Central Asia: IWRM implementation in Middle Zeravshan Valley (Uzbekistan) and Arys Valley (Kazakhstan)"

2012. Kazakh-German University, MA "Integrated Water Resources Management", Almaty, Kazakhstan. Lecture: "Water Management and IWRM implementation in Middle Zeravshan Valley (Uzbekistan) and Arys Valley (Kazakhstan)"


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