The Alpine Cryosphere and Geomorphology group actively participates in the PERMOS (PERmafrost Monitoring Switzerland) and WGMS (World Glacier Monitoring Service) networks. Monitoring results documenting the state of permafrost and glaciers are published on their respective websites : and The Cryosphere LIVE section presents further data issued from our own measurements, which are not published in the PERMOS and WGMS annual reports. Please note that all documents provided in our website are copyrighted. You therefore need the agreement of the Alpine Cryosphere and Geomorphology group before using them in publications and/or reports. Thank you very much for your considerations.



 Rockglaciers (permafrost)


Webcam Gugla - Bielzigji (Mattertal)




 Webcam Dirru - Geisstriftbach (Mattertal)

 Webcams GrabenGufer (Mattertal)

Webcam Grosse Grabe (Mattertal)

 Webcam Tsarmine (Val d'Arolla)

Play 24 hour timelapse | Play 30 day timelapse

Webcam Furggentälti (Gemmi, Leukerbad)


Webcam Findelengletscher (Zermatt)

 Webcam Turtmanngletscher (Turtmanntal)

Others processes

Webcam wild Rhone river (Pfynwald - Bois de Finges)

Webcam Lapires talus slope

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