The Alpine Cryosphere and Geomorphology - Fribourg (ACGF) research group is part of the Physical Geography Group, Geosciences Departement, University of Fribourg (Switzerland).
Our group is working mainly on physical processes in the alpine cryosphere, especially investigating the interactions between the alpine cryosphere and the alpine climate. 

Research Topics

Our group focuses on a number of cryosphere-climate and alpine geomorphology related topics: 

  • Climate impact modelling in mountain regions
  • Spatial modelling of cryospheric variables
  • Monitoring and modelling of the evolution of alpine glaciers
  • Glacier mass balance modelling
  • Glacier reconstruction
  • Permafrost monitoring including the sensitivity of mountain permafrost to climate change
  • Rock glacier dynamics
  • Hydrology in mountainous catchments
  • Natural hazards
  • Remote sensing and slope instability processes
  • Ground-atmosphere interactions including the coupling of subsurface and atmospheric model approaches
  • Applied geophysical methods
  • Air circulation in low elevation talus slopes
  • Marginal permafrost, low elevation sites


Please note that all documents provided in our website are copyrighted. You therefore need the agreement of the Alpine Cryosphere and Geomorphology group before using them in publications and/or reports. Thank you very much for your considerations.

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