If you have problems with your computer or another question about (VPN access, software installation, private laptop only for students of the department), please contact our IT manager of the department.


As far as possible, our technician can recovery your data on external disk or USB key only if the problem come from a LOGICAL DEFECT:

THE LOGICAL DEFECT is characterized by the following problems:

  • Erasing of certain files / documents, photos, database, etc.
  • Error of transfer of data by pressing on touches " CTRL + X / CTRL + V "
  • On recording of a file on an other one bearing the same name.
  • The USB key was disconnected in a incorrect way and she asks for the formatting.
  • The data are virus-infected computing and are not accessible any more.
  • A virus which modifies files and shortcuts returning all the hidden files.
  • Files or folders which disappear of the initial structure of files.
  • Files xls, doc, ppt, xlsx, docx, pptx who cannot open any more.
  • Disappearance of certain filesand documents.

One memory stick or external disk presents a defect of logical type if it is functional and is detected by the computer but for various reasons it is inaccessible.

The technician holds a software to be able to get back the data since all the types of storage medium.


Alexandre Vaira
Office: 235
Phone: +41 26 300 92 48
Email: alexandre.vaira[at]

You can also contacted directly the helpdesk of the University but not for recovery data here.

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