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Welcome to the homepage of the Geography Unit at Fribourg University! We are a small and dynamic team of Physical and Human Geographers situated within the Department of Geosciences.

The Unit hosts research labs in Political Ecology, Environmental History, Alpine Cryosphere and Geomorphology, Climate Change Impact and Adaptation and Geomatics. Beyond excellence in research in these fields, the Unit’s strong point is its integrative approach to the interface of Human and Physical Geography, thus producing novel and innovative insights through collaboration and exchange in both research and teaching.

The Geography Unit offers Bachelor and Master programmes. The Bachelor programme consists in a wide range of thematic and methodological courses in both Human and Physical Geography which aim at solid knowledge and skills in the field.

The Master programme combines an integrative approach to natural and social sciences with a specialization in either Dynamics in Glaciology and Geomorphology (Physical Geography) or Nature, Society and Politics (Human Geography).





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