Doctorate studies at the Department of Economics

Master students (or holders of an equivalent degree) satisfying the requirements can apply for a doctorate at the Department of Economics. There are several research topics related to the specialization of the different chairs. The Department of Economics has adopted a charter of quality for doctoral students. Students holding a doctorate have the following options: a career in public and/or private sector using a particular expertise or may move into teaching and research in economics.



Below, doctorate candidates will find more information on their registration:


Doctoral studies

The doctoral education of the Department of Economics at the University of Fribourg prepares students for careers as economists.

The seminars for doctoral candidates (PhD Courses) offered by the department foster an intellectually active and stimulating environment. Each semester, the department sponsors two PhD Courses en block for doctoral candidates to present and discuss their research. The PhD Course web site (linked below) features the aims and organization of the courses, the course registration and the schedules of participants and speakers.

The Department of Economics encourages doctoral candidates to participate in external course programs in Switzerland and abroad. In order to accredit external courses, they have to be completed successfully and a written application at the department has to be made. See links bellow for further information.


Courses/seminars in Switzerland

Ph.D. students are required under the charter of quality of the Department of Economics to follow courses of economic theory and empirical methods that allow to improve the quality of their doctoral thesis. These courses may correspond to advanced master courses held in all Swiss Universities or enrolling in courses as part of doctoral programs (e.g.: courses in Gerzensee).


Foreign relations

Doctoral theses are part of international collaborations of each of the chairs. We will promote co-supervision of theses with foreign universities which enable the doctoral student for a better monitoring of her/his work and a network of wider research. For more information please click here

Swiss National Science Foundation

Scholarships of the Swiss National Fund is intended for researchers and junior researchers. They can be awarded to doctors (post-doctoral fellowship) or other doctoral students at the end of term. So far the post-doc fellowships are reserved for candidates from the Faculty of Sciences. Now, it can also be obtained by doctors of other Faculties. This provision reflects the fact that the National Science Foundation requires that applicants for a fellowship for advanced researchers have spent a year in research activities. More detailed informtion can be found at:

Swiss national Science Foundation

Please respect the deadlines for submitting applications to our University.
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For more information, please contact the secretariat of the committee on research, Eveline Jungo, phone: 026 300 71 70,


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