Peer-reviewed journals

Reviews 2016

HUBER M., Denisova-Schmidt E. and Leontyeva E.,  "On the Development of Students' Attitudes towards Corruption and Cheating in Russian Universities", forthcoming in the European Journal of Higher Education.

HUBER M., Lechner M. and Wunsch C.,  "The Effects of Firms'Partial Retirement Policies on the Labour Market Outcomes of their Employees", forthcoming in the Industrial and Labor Relations Review.

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Reviews 2015

GROSSMANN V. and Spring E., "Does Bilateral Trust Across Countries Really Affect International Trade and Factor Mobility?", Empirical Economics, February 2015. PDF link

GROSSMANN V., Steger Th. and Trimborn T., "Quantifying Optimal Growth Policy", Journal of Public Economic Theory, forthcoming. PDF

HUBER M., Felfe C., "Does preschool boost the development of minority children? The case of Roma children", SES Working Paper 455, University of Fribourg, 2015, forthcoming in the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A.

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HUBER M., "Causal pitfalls in the decomposition of wage gaps", forthcoming in the Journal of Business and Economic Statistics.

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Reviews 2014

GROSSMANN V., Falkinger J. and Trimborn T., "Protestantism and Education: Reading (the Bible) and Other Skills", Economic Inquiry 52 (2), 874-895, 2014. PDF link

HUBER M. and  Frölich M., "Treatment evaluation with multiple outcome periods under endogeneity and attrition", Journal of the American Statistical Association, 109 (508), 1697-1711, 2014.

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ROSSI S., "Unificazione monetaria europea e riforma dell'architettura finanziaria internazionale". Cahier die Scienze Sociali, 1 (1), 2014, pp. 94-101.  

Reviews 2013

GROSSMANN V., Steger Th. and Trimborn T., "The Macroeconomics of TANSTAAFL", Journal of Macroeconomics 38, Part A, 76-85, 2013. PDF link

GROSSMANN V. and Stadelmann D., "Wage Effects of High-skilled Migration: International Evidence", World Bank Economic Review 27 (2), 297-319, 2013. PDF link

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Reviews 2012

DAFFLON B. and Daguet S., "Imposition des véhicules lourds et transfert de la route au rail: le système modal en Suisse", in J. Fialaire et H. Wollmann (eds), Les transports des collectivités territoriales, GIS-GRALE-CNRS, Droit et Gestion des Collectivités Territoriales, Editions Le Moniteur, Paris, 2012, pp. NN.

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Version française: Manuel Suisse d'Administration Publique, Presses Polytechniques et Universitaires Romandes, Lausanne

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Reviews 2011

DAFFLON B., "Conceptual Problems in the Assignment of Function in SEE: the case of Albania" in Martinez-Vazquez J. and Vaillancourt F. (Eds.), Decentralization in Developing Countries: Global perspectives on the Obstacles to Fiscal Devolution, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, Studies in Fiscal Federlism and State-local Finance, pp. 23-82, 2011.

EICHENBERGER R., Portmann M. and Stadelmann D., "District Magnitude and Representation of the Majority's Preferences: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Popular and Parliamentary Votes", Public Choice, forthcoming link 

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Reviews 2010

DAFFLON B. "L'économie politique de l'eau potable: de la source au robinet", Les enjeux de la gestion locale de l'eau, GIS-GRALE-CNRS, Droit et Gestion de Collectivités Territoriales, Editions Le Moniteur, Paris, pp. 43-60, 2010.

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Reviews 2009

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Reviews 2008

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Reviews 2007

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