Ecology & Evolution
Department of Biology

How to reach us

Traveling by plane

If you arrive by plane (Airports in Zürich, Geneva, Basel or Berne) you can catch trains to Fribourg ("Freiburg" in German). It's about 2 hours from Zürich and Basel airport, 1.5 h from Geneva and less than 1 hour from Berne (small airport!). Train connections can be consulted here.

Arriving by car (click here)

Arriving by train to Fribourg

Note: There is a city in Southern Germany with the name 'Freiburg'. When you buy your train ticket make sure you travel to the right destination.

When you arrive at the train station (indicated by the green arrow), you can walk (about 15 minutes), take a bus or a taxi. The Biology Departement (red arrow) is in Pérolles, the part of the University, which is at the south part of the city of Fribourg. To walk, follow the red dots from the green to the red arrow.

In detail

If you leave the main exit from the railway station and you have the station at your back, the Boulevard de Pérolles is the big street in front of you. Follow the Boulevard de Pérolles for about 1 kilometer, until you come to a roundabout (circular traffic intersection). Cross the intersection and followi the signs : "Université, Naturwissenschaften" and "Musée de histoire naturelle"). The street is called Chemin de Musée, but the street sign is not obvious. Follow this street, pass the parking areas, and follow the road along the second (older) tall building (Nr. 6) on the right hand side until you reach a large entry. Enter and turn right, carry on along the corridor. At the very end of the corridor (before the exit door, marked red on the map) turn right. Your are now in the Section "Ecology and Evolution". Access along the corridor from the Museum is no longer possible.


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