Department of Biology

PhD students

Benno Augustinus  Benno uses field and laboratory data to create a climate-based demographic model of Ophraella communa to estimate potential spread of the insect and the impact it can have on Ambrosia artemisiifolia. He is based at CABI Europe-Switzerland in Delémont, where he is supervised by Urs Schaffner. Website

Julie Klötzli Julie's main interests lie in agriculture-environment interactions, in the challenge of Rumex spp. for grassland systems and for farmers and in the capacity of Pyropteron spp. as biological control agent attacking roots of Rumex. Website

Maria Litto  Maria explores phenotype-environment correlations, perform artificial selection experiments and collaborate with the Post-Doc Sarah Bouchemousse to better understand the genetics of adaptation in Ophraella communa populations. Website

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