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Carine Beuchat  

Ecology & Evolution
Dept Biology
University of Fribourg



Current research

During my bachelor thesis at the University of Fribourg, performed in the group of Heinz Müller Schärer (co-supervised by Benno Augustinus). I investigated effects of relative humidity levels on egg hatching and pupal emergence success of Ophraella communa.

In 2017, I started my Master thesis in the same group (co-supervised by Yan Sun), focusing first on the preference and performance of different families of the leaf beetle Ophraella communa on different families of the invasive plant Ambrosia artemisiifolia. In the second part, I shall investigate the rapid evolutionary adaptation of A. artemisiifolia to O. communa using seeds from 15 field populations under experimental selection by climate warming and herbivory. 


Curriculum vitae

2017-present MSc in ecology and evolution, University of Fribourg 

2013-2017 BSc in Biology, University of Fribourg 



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