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Ecology & Evolution and the other functional groups in the Department of Biology were merged last January. For your convenience and with the aim of maintaining presence on the web, this site will remain open for the coming year. However, the individual pages will no longer be maintained and many of the links will redirect you to the relevant page of the new Biology web site at

    Ecology & Evolution at the University of Fribourg promotes higher education and research in organismic biology, in particular in ecology and evolution. We participate in the teaching leading to the award of a general euro-compatible (Bologna) BSc. The unit offers courses, covering ecology, behavioural ecology, evolutionary biology, vertebrate biology, plant systematics, plant-herbivore interactions and evolutionary genetics. Current research interests of members of the unit include food web structure, conservation biology, invasive species, agro-ecology, host-parasite interactions, life-history evolution, inbreeding depression, evolution in fragmented habitats, and population genetics. These topics are open to candidates at the euro-compatible MSc and PhD levels. The main study organisms are whole food webs, water fleas (Daphnia), horse chestnut leafminer (Cameraria), as well as plants: spotted knapweed (Centaurea stoebe), groundsel (Senecio), false hellebore (Veratrum), dock (Rumex), poplar (Populus) and their natural enemies.


    Workshop: Genomics of the speciation continuum
    (Evolution & Ecology Days 2014)


    Ecology & Evolution at Fribourg organized a workshop on the 4-5th September 2014 in Fribourg. This was part of the Doctoral Programme in Ecology & Evolution and addressed current key issues in the genomics of the speciation continuum. For more information  please use the following link:

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