A quicker access from Pubmed to our licensed resources

Calling Pubmed with this url


enhances every pubmed summary with this icon

This icon is associated with a link containing data describing the article: name of the journal, year, volume... and clicking on it sends the data to a database (the link resolver) which contains the information that has been subscribed.

Calling this database opens a web page from which one can go to the full text, or search our catalogue.

For example, cliking the icon in the following Pubmed document

opens this web page

Using the blue icon will run a search in our library catalogue. Note also that this screen can also search in a publisher's site, linking you directly to the full text.

To conclude: to use our link resolver from pubmed, update your bookmark and pubmed links in your webpages to the following:


(which has been done at the home page of this site)

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