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BiochemistryBC.0009Methods in Biochemistry
BC.0106Cell biology
BC.0113Complementary Molecular Biology
BC.0114General Biochemistry
BC.0115Human Molecular Genetics
BC.0116Yeast genetics
BC.0119Fundamental Biochemistry
BC.1005Biochemistry II for students in biomedical sciences: Cell Biology I
BC.2104Biomolecules and metabolism
BC.4503Molecular medicine
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BiologyBL.0001General biology I (lecture)
BL.0002General biology II (lecture)
BL.0015Animal Physiology
BL.0037Experimental ecology
BL.0041Biology of organisms II: Invertebrates
BL.0042Biology of organisms III: Fungi and plants
BL.0045Hormones and plant development
BL.0057Developmental biology
BL.0120Topics in developmental biology
BL.0203Workshop in statistics and experimental design
BL.0208Statistics and experimental design (lecture)
BL.0213Ecological networks
BL.0219The evolution of life histories and aging
BL.0412Introduction to protein structure and function
BL.0416Biological rhythms
BL.0419Advanced imaging
BL.0452Advanced quantitative proteomics
BL.6002Classical models in biology (lecture)
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ChemistryCH.1054Analytical chemistry
CH.1067Chemistry of the elements
CH.1072Basic organic chemistry
CH.2332Kinetics (with exercise)
CH.3222Reaction mechanisms (with exercises)
CH.4141Organic chemistry I (lecture)
CH.4142Organic chemistry II (lecture)
CH.4706Solid state chemistry (lecture)
CH.4855Physical chemistry of self-assembly (lecture)
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Computer ScienceIN.1021Networks
IN.1022Computer architecture
IN.2020Systems-oriented programming
IN.4020Software engineering
IN.4022Operating systems
IN.5020Functional and logical programming
IN.5022Concurrent and distributed computing
IN.7613Graph theory and applications
IN.7820Seminar interdisciplinary issues in ICT
IN.8609Social media analytics
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Earth SciencesST.0105Minerals and rocks (lecture)
ST.0106Minerals and rocks (practical course)
ST.0113General geology (lecture)
ST.0114General geology (practical course)
ST.0201Regional geology (lecture)
ST.0203Palaeontology (lecture)
ST.0205Sedimentology (lecture)
ST.0206Tectonics (lecture)
ST.0207Mineralogy and crystallography (lecture)
ST.0208Magmatic petrology (lecture)
ST.0210Sedimentology (lecture and practical course)
ST.0211Tectonics (lecture and practical course)
ST.0212Mineralogy and cristallography (practical course)
ST.0214Optical microscopy (practical course)
ST.0219Magmatic petrology (practical course)
ST.0302Sedimentary microscopy (practical course)
ST.0303General micropaleontology (lecture)
ST.0305Slope instabilities (lecture)
ST.0307Technical geology (lecture)
ST.0311Methods in sedimentology (block course)
ST.0312Metamorphic petrology (lecture and pratical course)
ST.0505Technical mineralogy
ST.0514Palaeoceanography and pelagic microfacies
ST.0515Stratigraphic micropalaeontology
ST.0520Cement and silicate ceramics
ST.0522Contaminated sites
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Environmental SciencesSE.0102Basic lectures in environmental sciences: environmental law and economy
SE.0141Issues of sustainable development
SE.0142Issues of sustainable development II
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GeographyGG.0205Urban geography
GG.0210Economic geography
GG.0259Geomorphological mapping
GG.0262Geomorphology - quaternary, part 1 (lecture)
GG.0263Geomorphology - quaternary, part 2 (lecture)
GG.0266Geography of water
GG.0271Qualitative methods II
GG.0305Political geography
GG.0312Geographic information processing (GIS)
GG.0313Processing of remotely sensed images (RS-IP)
GG.0316Introduction to geophysics (lecture)
GG.0318Geography of environment
GG.0322Qualitative methods III
GG.0409Models, modelling and representations
GG.0424Hazards, risks and vulnerability
GG.0425Data and methods for environmental analysis
GG.0426Climate Change: state of the art and debates
GG.0441Applied geophysical methods
GG.0444Alpine cryosphere
GG.0448Modelling of glaciers and permafrost
GG.0473Seminar in global change, development and ethics
GG.0484Seminar in social theories
GG.0485Environmental History
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GeosciencesGS.0101Introduction to geoscience, part 1 (lecture)
GS.0102Introduction to geoscience, part 2 (lecture)
GS.0105Epistemology of geoscience (lecture)
GS.0106History of the Earth (lecture)
GS.0154Cartography and computer mapping (lecture)
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Human medicineMH.2101Transmission and processing of biological Information
MH.2305Medical psychology and sociology
MH.4101Defense and immunity
MH.4109Medical psychology and sociology II
MH.4110Scientific thinking and methodology II
MH.4201Cardiovascular, respiratory and renal Integration
MH.4203Nervous system and sense organs
MH.4301Anatomy (Practical course)
MH.4302Histology (practical course)
MH.4304Systemic physiology II (practical course)
MH.4901Bones, muscles and joints: current topics in research and clinics
MH.4904Regenerative medicine
MH.6202Endocrine system: pathophysiology and clinical basics
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MathematicsMA.0101Introduction to Analysis I (lecture)
MA.0102Introduction to Analysis II (lecture)
MA.0201Introductory linear algebra (lecture)
MA.0401Introductory statistics (lecture)
MA.1101Analysis I (lecture)
MA.1102Analysis II (lecture)
MA.1201Linear Algebra I (lecture)
MA.1202Linear Algebra II (lecture)
MA.2131Analysis III (lecture with exercises)
MA.2132Analysis IV (lecture with exercises)
MA.2231Algebra and Geometry I (lecture with exercises)
MA.2232Algebra and Geometry II (lecture with exercises)
MA.2331Introduction to Numerical Analysis I (lecture with exercises)
MA.2332Introduction to Numerical Analysis II (lecture with exercises)
MA.2431Introduction to Probability and Statistics I (lecture with exercises)
MA.2705Mathematics I for BSc_SI (lecture with exercises)
MA.2706Mathematics II for BSc_SI (lecture with exercises)
MA.3123Topics in complex analysis I
MA.3124Topics in complex analysis II
MA.3135Theory of distributions 2nd part
MA.3211Geometric Group Theory
MA.3219Riemannian Geometry II
MA.3223Classical Geometry
MA.3226Introduction to symplectic topology 2nd part
MA.3312Mathematical methods in quantitative finance
MA.3400Measure and integration
MA.3507Mathematical methodes in Risk Theory
MA.3519Discrete Mathematics I
MA.3520Discrete Mathematics II
MA.3553Functional Analysis
MA.3569Analysis and geometry of metric spaces 2nd part
MA.3578Introduction to Geometric Measure Theory
MA.3580Metric Geometry
MA.3581Matroid theory
MA.3802Thematical seminar
MA.3803Free seminar
MA.3805Free seminar
MA.4123Topics in complex analysis I
MA.4124Topics in complex analysis II
MA.4135Theory of distributions 2nd part
MA.4211Geometric Group Theory
MA.4219Riemannian Geometry II
MA.4223Classical Geometry
MA.4226Introduction to symplectic topology 2nd part
MA.4307Numerical solution of ordinary differential equations and integral equations, 1st part
MA.4308Numerical solution of ordinary differential equations and integral equations, 2nd part
MA.4400Measure and integration
MA.4553Functional analysis
MA.4569Analysis and geometry of metric spaces 2nd part
MA.4578Introduction to Geometric Measure Theory
MA.4580Metric Geometry
MA.4581Matroid theory
MA.4802Thematical seminar
MA.4803Free seminar
MA.7003Mathematical Methods for Computer Science I (lecture with exercises)
MA.7004Mathematical Methods for Computer Science II (lecture with exercises)
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Medicine sciencesME.2202Morphologic and functional bases systems Ib
ME.4204Nervous system and sensory organs
ME.4206Cardiovascular, respiratory and renal integration; Endocrine system; Genital system I + II; Immune system I
ME.5305Immunology I
ME.6100Nervous system : selected topics I
ME.6200Nervous system : selected topics II
ME.6306Immunology II
ME.6310General pharmacology II
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MorphologyMO.4002Neuroanatomy (practical course)
MO.4202Central nervous system (demonstrations and practical course)
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PhysicsPH.1202Physics II (course and exercises)
PH.1203Introductory physics II (course and exercises)
PH.1400Introduction to theoretical physics II
PH.2401Thermodynamics (lecture)
PH.2600Quantum mechanics (lecture)
PH.2800Mathematical methods of physics (lecture)
PH.4401Structure and dynamics of matter (lecture)
PH.4605Introduction to the many-body problem (lecture)
PH.4663Surface physics
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PhysiologyPY.0111Physiology and pathophysiology of regulatory systems Part II
PY.2011Neurobiology II (french)
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SoftmatterSO.4215Soft condensed matter physics (exercices)
SO.4220Biophysics (lecture)
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SportsSP.0610Physiology of exercise (lecture)
SP.0613Exercise physiology (workshop)
SP.0780Systemic approach of the team game
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