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Open Access to Scientific papers

Access to scientific works without charge, toll-free online access to the full text of all peer-reviewed research articles for all researchers this could become a reality

if you, as a scientist, you choose 1 or 2 below:

  1. Self-archive your refereed research articles or your thesis in Rero Doc our institutional ePrints Server. A pdf file of the work is attached to a standardized description (title, authors, journal ...). Self archiving a paper should take only a few minutes and once archived, papers will be searchable and readable web wide. Connection here for the University members.
  2. Publish in an open access journal. These are journals without subscription but with author's fee paid once upon publication.

Some points to check before archiving on Rero Doc

  • Most of the publishers (Blackwell, Springer, Elsevier) allow archiving of the refereed final version (postprint) sometime after an embargo period, but in the author's layout (in pdf, MS-Word or latex). The journal's pdf can not be archived. See the romeo database for details about publisher's policies on self-archiving.
  • If the journal does not agree to postprint archiving, use the preprint (i.e. the work before peer review)
  • more on self-archiving in this FAQ and in this video

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