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Welcome to the IT pages at DOKPE

In the following subheadings you will find all the information concerning the  number of computers, the standard programmes and those specially available at DOKPE and the University of Fribourg.

  • The new printing system MFP at the University of Fribourg: HERE 
    (for the moment, this system is not yet available at DOKPE)
  • Do you need to use a specific programme, or do you need help?
  • Do you have problems upon printing or scanning? 
  • Is your computer out of order?

Please contact our IT expert  HERE 

PC Windows - Programmes installés

PC's for students                            
25 (1st floor)
PC's for consultation (pour people outside the  University)                       
4 (ground floor)
Operating systems
Windows 7 entreprise SP1

Standard UNIFR programmes on all the  PC's
Acrobat Pro - Photoshop - Illustrator - Indesign - SPSS12 
Mathematica10 - MatlabR2012b -  Office 2011 - IE - Firefox - Forfront
Standard Earth sciences programmes on all PC's  
Geography programmes installed on 8 PC's (DOKPESPPC01-08)

Arcgis - CoupModel - IDL - Mapviewer - Paintshop Pro - Qgis - R - RStudio - Reflex -
Surfer7 - Tidea - Texmaker - Idrisi Taiga - Genie2 - Ghostscript - Ghostview - Cartalinx - 
Xwin - Res2Dinv - Panoply - Xmin 

Audio card installed and only usable with ear phones in the public room

TOSHIBA multifunction printers

How to use the  multifunction toshiba printer

  • Three printers are available for students - 1 coulour (CCPR30) and 2 black&white(CCPR28et29)
  • At login, you must choose yourelf the appropriate driver (CCPR28, 29 ou 30) for the printer which you want to use. .
  • At this time, the  MFP system has not been installed at DOKPE. This should happen sometime in 2015.
  • to print from your own computer (laptop), follow the instructions at this link and go to the printers in the other public rooms in the campus.s. Location of thes MFP printers

A. Place your Campus Card on the reader installed on the printer.
B. On the control panel, press the button "PRINT" 


C. Select your username  from the list of users . 

D. Press the button  MDP to enter your password 

E. use the password "00000"( 5x zero) for everybody! on the printer 

Press OK on the screen.

E. You can then select all your documents and send them to be printed. 


How to use the scanner

Follow the instructions tp scan with our Toshiba printers
A. Insert your USB stick into the printer
B. On the control panel, press the button "SCAN"
C. In the window that appears select "FICHIER/USB"
D. Select "Support USB"
    Change the name of the file: Press the buttom "Nom Fichier" and
    rename followed by pressing OK!
E. Change the resolution if necessary; e.g. 600dpi : press the button
    "PARAM COMMUN" and "SCAN" to terminate

Wlan Access


At DOKPE, you can use the beamer installed in room 123.1.

Please contact the person at the reception counter



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