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Searching with the library catalogues

The libraries of Swiss French Library Network (Rero) of which we are a partner, use Explore to search the books and journals on the shelves, the online journals and all their electronic ressources whether free or not.

The electronic resources requiring payment must be consulted by means of computers situated at the University or by using a VPN programme when ouside the campus.

The bracket string below indicates the way to use Explore.

Searching a book with the Explore catalogue

Searching a book with the Explore catalogue

To search for a book in the library, use the Explore catalogue of the libraries from Rero-Fribourg. Enter some words in the search field and run the query using the button.

Umlauts or háceks characters are to be typed precisely or substituted with ? For Explore simple characters like "c" are not the same as "?", and simple characters cannot be used for characters with umlauts, háceks, and so on. Umlauts cannot be replaced with ae or ue (for example: «Duedingen» will not find «Düdingen»). So, you have to use ? instead of an accented character if you cannot type it. You may also end a word with * to replace all the characters after the position of *.

Run the search and under "Display only", click on "Available in the library" as below.

In the "Library" group, click on "UNI DOKPE".

Click on "Get" and note the call number and check that the book is not on loan.

In the call number field, the letters LC are always given and have no use in the book localization.

The Help link on top of the page in Explore gives more information.

Borrowing a book

Borrowing a book

The link "Searching a book with the Explore Catalogue" explains how to find a book with Explore

When the book is displayed in the catalogue, click on "FR Dokpe Fac Science" to check that the book is available from the library.

The "Statut" field in the new page shows if the book can be borrowed. This Feld can have the following values:

  • disponible: the book is on a shelve (or it is used somewhere in the library)
  • en séminaire: the book is probably not in Dokpe but in a Department. Click on the "en séminaire" link to see where the book is
  • prêté jusqu'au ... You may make a reservation for the book and you will receive an email when the book is returned
  • consultation sur place: the book is shelved with the reference books, it cannot be borrowed. A yellow mark is glued on its back
  • non disponible: the book is lost or has been dumped.

See this map to get a view of how the shelves are organised. This page also gives a "book on reserved" list.

A loan can be extended: you have to enter your library user account using your librarycard number and the password you received when the account was created. You may ask for this password at the library reception desk.

Your librarycard (the campuscard for the University members) can be used in all the libraries in Rero. It can also be used to be registered in the swiss libraries that are members of the BibliOpass net. Please note that each library member has it's own rules (loan time, number of books, fines, and so on).

If you don't have a library usercard (and you are not entitled to have a campuscard), you may ask at the library reception desk. You will be asked a indentity card (driver licence, passport,residence permits for foreign nationals (B, C, Ci, F, G or L with a student certificate).

Find an article with the Explore catalogue

Find an article with the Explore catalogue

Search with a author name and some meaningful words from the title in Explore. Under "Document type" ( possibly after "More options...") click on

  • "postprint" to see the corresponding articles in Rero doc. Click on "On line Ressource" to display this article
  • "Articles" to search the article in the publisher web pages. From "Online Ressource" a search to locate the article in the publisher site can be run, as show below:

Click on the button to run the search.

If you know the title exactly, you may surround it with ", to limit the number of occurences retrieved.

From Pubmed, Google scholar or Web of Sciences, you may also get an article with a link or with using the doi and entering it in this form.

Find an article in the journal collection from the library

Find an article in the journal collection from the library

Search with the journal name in the Fribourg part of the Explore catalogue. Type the complete journal name between "" in the search field. You may also use the advanced search as displayed below.

Start the search and click on "Available in the library", under "Display only" then on "FR Dokpe Fac Sciences". The issues collection is displayed. The button can be used to search the same title in other catalogues.

The results give you which years we have in the libraries. You will have to go to the following places:

  • biology, medicine, physics, earthsciences, geography: Dokpe
  • chemistry: in chemistry
  • mathematics: in the library of the mathematics department.

This page may also be used to know what years of a given title we have on the shelves.

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