A hard work which will contribute to develop new therapeutics and vaccines

Dr Rabih Darwiche published ten peer-reviewed manuscripts as a research fellow at the University of Fribourg.

A regular and persistent work
In October 2017,  two additional manuscripts were accepted in the Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC) and in the Scientific Reports from Nature publishing family.  Dr Darwiche also has two research articles in review in the International Journal of Parasitology and a review submitted to the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS). Dr Darwiche’s publications were under the supervision of Prof. Roger Schneiter, who also nurtured his scientific growth as his PhD mentor.

Better understanding CAP Proteins
The main goal of their research is to define the underlying mechanisms of the biological function of CAP (Cysteine-rich secretary protein, Antigen 5, and Pathogenesis-related 1) superfamily of proteins.  CAP proteins have roles in lipid export, mating, pathogen defence, chemical warfare and cancer.  Understanding these mechanisms is part of their long-term objective to develop new therapeutics and vaccines. These studies involve international collaborators  from the United States of America, Brazil, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland.

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