18th July, Ecology & Evolution seminar

Lotte van Boheemen (Monash University, Australia) will give a talk entitled “Rapid repeatable phenotypic and genomic adaptation in the global invader Ambrosia artemisiifolia

Summary: To elucidate aspects of the genomic basis of rapid local adaptation, we have examined adaptive phenotypic and genomic variation of the widespread Ambrosia artemisiifolia along parallel environmental clines. Besides re-establishment along latitudinal clines we have found this species occurring outside of its native niche, making it an excellent study species to gain insight into local adaptation. We have associated phenotypes and genotypes to climatic data to shed light on recent adaptive change and identify divergent and parallel patterns at the phenotypic and genomic level. Comparison of phenotypic and genomic diversity between the native and introduced ranges will enhance our understanding of the mechanism at play during contemporary evolution.

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