Building of the Biochemistry

Biochemistry and the other functional groups in the Department of Biology were merged last January. For your convenience and with the aim of maintaining presence on the web, this site will remain open for the coming year. However, the individual pages will no longer be maintained and many of the links will redirect you to the relevant page of the new Biology web site at

The labs and offices have now been moved to the Department of Biology (and are now situated, on the ground floor, where the the original Biochemistry Institute was established in 1954). For information on the location of staff - please contact Ms E. Boll. The Albrecht group remains in the old building.

Laureen Mansencal-Strittmatter was awarded a prize for her poster entitled "Circadian clocks and Depression: Molecular pathways of bright light therapy" at the Life Sciences Switzerland (LS2) held at the University of Zürich on the 30th January.





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