Published Articles

Publications in Peer Reviewed academic journals 

"Direct and indirect treatment effects: Causal chains and mediation analysis with instrumental variables", with M. Frö- lich, forthcoming in the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series B.

"Direct and indirect effects of training vouchers for the unemployed", with M. Lechner and A. Strittmatter, forthcoming in the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A.

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"A cautionary tale about control variables in IV estimation", with E. Deuchert, forthcoming in the Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics.

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Does preschool boost the development of minority children? The case of Roma children”, with C. Felfe, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A, 180 (2), 475-502,2017.

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Invited contributions

"Disentangling policy effects into causal channels" , IZA World of Labor.

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