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Route Mont-Carmel 21-29 | Givisiez

Location of the buildings

  • In Givisiez, on the outskirts of Fribourg
  • 2 km from the Miséricorde university buildings
  • 10 minutes by bike or bus from Fribourg town centre
  • 2 minutes’ walk from a shopping mall, post office, bank and fitness centre
  • Sports area (basket ball, etc.) next to the buildings
  • Site map building

Public transport

  • Bus lines 3 / 8
  • Mont-Carmel bus stop 2 minutes’ walk by foot from the building
  • Bus timetables and season tickets available at the main station
  • Bus timetable


  • 209 rooms in 62 apartments in 5 buildings on 5 floors
  • Apartment of 1 to 5 rooms, kitchen, shower and 1 or 2 WCs
  • Wall cupboard in each apartment hall
  • Simple, functional kitchen fittings
  • Each apartment has a balcony or terrace
  • Some apartments have a sitting room
  • Plan of standard apartment


  • Between 12 and 18m2
  • Not furnished (30 furnished rooms only available for exchange students)
  • Each room has a large window and parquet flooring (the 18m2 rooms have tiles)

Common areas


  • Vary according to apartment size and type
  • CHF 330 to CHF 470 a month (roughly € 275 to € 390)
  • Studio apartments: CHF 520 to CHF 550 (roughly € 430 to € 460)
  • 1½ rooms: CHF 770 (roughly € 640)
  • Including costs: heating, hot water and Internet by optical fiber
  • Not included: electricity, phone and cable TV (invoiced directly by the service providers)
  • A statement of the incidental costs (heating, hot water) paid with the rent is made once a year (October)

Services, subscription and fees

Quiet hours


The tenant receives 1 key to access:

  • The main entrance (closes automatically for security reasons)
  • The apartment
  • The room

For security reasons

  • You should always have the key on you
  • Always lock the doors

Letter box and cellar keys

  • 1 letter box key and 1 cellar key per apartment
  • These keys should be kept on a hook near the door into the apartment
  • Always put them back in place after use!

Loss of a key

  • Apartis orders a replacement key on to the cost of the tenant
  • In the case of theft, it may be useful to change the apartment locks


  • 1 cellar per apartment
  • The cellar has the same number as the apartment
  • Each tenant has the right to part of the cellar
  • Part of the accommodation: when they definitively leave, tenants are requested to remove their personal belongings, and tidy and clean the cellar

Laundry room

  • On the ground floor of each building
  • 2 washing machines, 2 tumble driers and washing line in each laundry room
  • You will need an electronic laundry key to use these facilities. This can be ordered on the website:
  • No washing plan : between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. the washing machines are out of order.
  • After each use, the tenant cleans the machines, filters and floor
  • No object (washing powder/liquid container, washing, etc.) should be left there

Bike parking

  • 1 shed with bike locker for 30 bikes (entrance 23)
  • 1 shed with bike locker for 20 bikes (entrance 29)
  • 1 bike locker for 30 bikes under the walkway between buildings 25 and 27
  • 1 inside bike room (no locker) in buildings 21, 23 and 29 (roughly 15 bikes per room)
  • Do not leave bikes any where other than in the places reserved for them

Parking places for cars, motorbikes and scooters

  • 37 parking places for cars in the underground car park (CHF 50 per month); further information from Apartis
  • 7 parking places for motorbikes and scooters in the underground car park (CHF 20 per month); further information from Apartis
  • 8 outside parking places reserved for visitors
  • Parking prohibited around the building under threat of a fine

Waste management


  • Warden’s apartment: apartment 2002, entrance 23, ground floor
  • He is at your disposal for any question concerning the use of the premises, functioning of laundry rooms, damage or repairs and for waste management
  • In his absence, leave a message in his letter or message box
  • Apartis' staff

Contrôle de l’Habitant, Population Office

  • Within 8 days of arrival in Givisiez, it is compulsory to make yourself known to the office of the Contrôle de l’Habitant for the commune of Givisiez:
    • Those with Swiss nationality should present a certificate of domicile (issued by the commune of domicile) and the rental contract
    • Foreigners arriving from another commune of the canton of Fribourg: should announce their arrival at the office for the commune and present their residence permit and rental contract
    • Those arriving from another canton or from abroad should firstly announce their arrival to the Population and Migrant Office (Service de la population et des migrants). For further information see: