Dr. Marcello Mollica

PhD in Social Sciences, Centre for Peace Research and Strategic Studies, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium and European Doctorate in Peace and Conflict Studies, HumanitariaNet Marie Curie - University of Deusto, Bilbao, SpainPresently teaching ‘Religious Conflicts in Contemporary World’ at the Chair of Social Anthropology, University of Fribourg.


Chaire d'Anthropologie Sociale
Bd de Pérolles 90
Bureau G302
marcello.mollica (at) unifr.ch


Sicilian (mother tongue), Italian, English, French

Research Interests:

Political Violence, Religious Conflicts, Polemology, Conflict Resolution, Interreligious dialogue.

Areas of interest: Northern Ireland, Eastern Anatolia, Lebanon, Holy Land.

Recent Publications: 

Submitted          (Scienza e Pace) ´Nuove topografie belliche: l'Opzione Sansone e le tradizioni
                          martirologie di al-Nusra e Daesh'

Accepted            (with A. Taskιn) (Middle Eastern Studies) 'Tradition of Tattooing in Siverek, Turkey

Accepted            (Urbanities) 'How the Crisis Helped Informality to Re-entered the Temple: a
                          new Sicilian Custom'

In press             Terra e società etniche divise: il caso del Libano del Sud. Messina: Armando
                          Siciliano Editore (Isbn: 887442730)

In press             Fundamentalism. Ethnographies on Minorities, Discrimination and Trans-Nationalism.
                          Fribourg Studies in Social Anthropology. Münster: LIT Verlag
                          (Isbn: 9783643802019)

In press              'Quale Pace per i Cristiani d'Oriente?'. in Atti della X e della XI Tre Giorni
                           Toniolo, F. Amore Bianco (ed.). Pisa: il Campano

2015                   (ed.) Bridging Religiously Divided Societies in the Contemporary World. Pisa:
                           University of Pisa Press.

2015                   (with J. Dingley),'Sectarian Dynamics of Multi-Cultural Norms and the Law
                           in Lebanon: A Warning for the Future of Northern Ireland', National
                           Identities, 17:4, 405-431                      

2015                   (with A. Taskin) 'Disappearing Old Christian Professions in the Middle
                           East: the case of Diyarbak?r Pushee-Makers', Middle Eastern Studies, 51:
                           6, 922-931

2015                   'Recensione di The Irish Republican Army di James Dingley', Scienza e
                           Pace, 6:1

2015                   'Geopolitica del conflitto in Siria. Ad un anno e mezzo dal rapimento di
                           padre Paolo Dall'Oglio', in Padre Paolo Dall'Oglio. Uomo di dialogo ostaggio
                           in Siria, C. Lapi (ed.). Pisa: Pisa University Press, 41-62

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