Brain Circuits for Positive Emotions


The abstract of the speaker’s conferences (and a short biosketch) can be visualized by clicking on their name in the program table. All abstract accepted for the congress (for posters, short talks and conferences) are listed alphabetically in the following document.

Ralph Adolphs Single-unit recordings of emotion in the human brain
Ralph Adolphs Attending to the social world
Urs Albrecht Circadian clock in mood related behaviors
Gonzalo Alvarez- Bolado Embryonic Development of Emotional Circuits
Jean-Marie Annoni Decision making in multiple sclerosis
Kallia Apazoglou Olfactory perception recruits brain areas that are also involved in emotional processing, memory and motivation.
Claudio Bassetti The neurology of laughter
Isabel Behnke-Izquierdo Ancient joy: laughter and play in the wild bonobos of Wamba, RD Congo
Alessandro Bilella PV1-Foxb1-nucleus Yes
Philip Blue Kissing up but not kissing down Yes
Christin Burgdorf Attachment style predicts opioidergic modulation of warmth liking
Carlo Calanchini Science, soft science and non s(ci)ense in psychiatry and psychotherapy.
Carlo Calanchini Capire le emozioni: un percorso tortuoso. Talk in italian for the general public
Carmen Cavada Architecture of the primate orbitofrontal cortex relevant for emotional processing
Marco Celio The lateral hypothalamus and the expression of emotions
Mario De Caro Philosophy and the science of emotions
Birgit Derntl Emotional competencies in schizophrenia: brain and behavior
Ester Desfilis Development of medial extended amygdala neurons involved in distinct social-related neural pathways Yes
Henri Evrard Organization of the primate insular cortex
Glenn Fox Neural correlates of gratitude
Sarah Garfinkel Embodied emotions: cardiovascular coupling with emotion types
Philip Gerrans Depersonalization and the insular cortex.
Adam Guastella Oxytocin and the social brain
Rashmi Gupta Distracted by pleasure? Positive versus negative emotional capture across different stimuli and perceptual load Yes
Gert Holstege How the emotional motor system controls the pelvic organs
Katarzyna Jednorog Directed forgetting of basic emotions – an fMRI study Yes
Igor Kagan Integration of reward, effort and risk in decision-making
Steve Kennerley Deciding how to decide: the role of the prefrontal cortex
Ramin Khatami The role of dopamine and hypocretin in cataplexy.
George Koob Addiction as a window on the neurocircuitry of emotion (video conference from the NIH, Bethesda, MD)
Ann M. Kring Schizophrenia and the emotional brain
Jinting Liu COMT Val158Met polymorphism modulates subjective wellbeing Yes
Christian Lüscher Recovering from too strong reward: towards a synaptic model of addiction
Fabio Macciardi Genomic and epigenomic mechanism shape the emotional brain
Artur Marchewka Characterization of the Nencki Affective Picture System by discrete emotional categories (NAPS BE) Yes
Emilie Meaux Facing mixed emotions: Brain representation of analytic and holistic perception of facial expression Yes
Loreta Medina Developmental and molecular dissection of amygdalar neurons involved in distinct emotion-related neural pathways Yes
Christian Mikutta Music and the emotional brain
Dean Mobbs The neural basis of social motivators
Carmen Morawetz Changes in effective connectivity between dorsal and ventral prefrontal regions moderate emotion regulation Yes
Kevin Mulligan The harmfulness of happiness
René Müri The neurology of facial and emotional expression
Edita Navratilova Brain circuits suporting reward from pain relief Yes
Zaneta Navratilova Optogenetic stimulation of the basolateral amygdala Yes
Neuhaus / Bagutti Evaluation of Social Cognition in clinical setting Yes
Diana Omigie Emotion processing network activated by musical stimuli
Jaak Panksepp Psychiatric Implications of Understanding Primal Emotional Feelings in Other Animals
Luca Passamonti Openess and the dopaminergic neural network
Paul Pauli The pleasure of relief
Elisabeth Petrasch-Parwez Von Economo neurons in human and macaque brain – an electron Yes
Eva Pool Attention orientation to positive rewarding stimuli
Agnieszka Potasiewicz The effect of Ketamine on rats performance in the slot machine task Yes
Charlotte Prevost Investigating the neural correlates of the “Boomerang effet” and its relationship to trait anxiety in a prosocial context Yes
Robert Provine Laughter
Emilie Qiao-Tasserit How do negative and positive moods shape face perception ? Yes
Dominik Rafa The effect of ethanol in the rodent slot machine task Yes
Massimo Reichlin Positive emotions and the generation of conscience
Daniel Renz Affective influences on internal evaluations during planning Yes
Monika Riegel Nencki Affective Word List as a linguistic tool in neuroscience Yes
Constanze Rinn Attachment style predicts opioidergic modulation of warmth liking
Angela Roberts Prefrontal contribution to the regulation of positive and negative emotional states
Diana Roccaro Reduced Ultrasonic Vocalizations in Rats after a KainicAcid-Induced Lesion of the PV1-Foxb1 Nucleus Yes
Willibald Ruch Mapping the field of humor: Beyond emotion, cognition and virtue
Rafal Rygula Optimism: a cognitive construct that relates to motivation Yes
David Sander What is the role of the Amygdala in positive emotions?
Clif Saper Circuitry producing cataplexy in response to positive emotions
Tim Schröder The positive emotional aspects of reward
Wolfram Schultz Reward, learning and choices
Rainer Schwarting Rat 50-kHz vocalizations in affective and social neuroscience
Tania Singer From Empathy to Compassion and their Plasticity
Barbara Studer Emotional stability promotes intelligence
Hari Subramanian The periaqueductal gray and control of emotional expression
Francesco Tamiati Trumpet Concert: Evoking Emotions (Balint Room)
Gottfried R.S. Treviranus The manifold roles of mast cell populations for positive emotionality as guardians and migrating instigators of circuits. Yes
Patrik Vuilleumier Brain systems underlying the perception, representation, and control of different types of emotions
Jan Wacker The positive emotion of warmth-liking and interpersonal trust: A pharmacogenetic investigation of opioidergic influences Yes
Elise Wattendorf Hypothalamic involvement in laughter and related anticipatory processes
Christian Waugh Savoring positive emotions
Hongbo Yu Activation in the brain valuation and affiliative systems predicts repayment in a grateful situation Yes