Semester tuition fee: Students

Semester tuition fee as from the autumn semester 2018

Link to the Ordonnance du 7 novembre 2017 concernant la taxe d'inscription des étudiants et étudiantes et des auditeurs et auditrices de l'Université de Fribourg.

The semester tuition fee includes basic registration fees and a tuition fee.

  Basic registration fees Tuition fee Semester tuition fee
Students of Swiss or Liechtenstein nationality,
students with a C residence permit or whose parents are domiciled in Switzerland or Liechtenstein
CHF 115.- CHF 720.- CHF 835.-
Foreign students CHF 115.- CHF 870.- CHF 985.-
Doctoral students CHF 115.- CHF 180.- CHF 295.-
Post-doctoral students CHF 115.-   CHF 115.-

Deadline for payment :

Autumn semester 31st August
Spring semester 31st January

Students who have not paid their fees by the due date are automatically exmatriculated.

Payment by instalments
is not possible.


Why you should pay your semester tuition fee

Only after payment of the semester tuition fee students can attend lectures, exercises or seminars, participate in practical work, hand in written work, register for examinations or use the University facilities.

Doctoral students must pay semester tuition fees each semester during their period of study at the University, up to and including the semester in which they submit and defend their thesis.


How to pay

  • Payment from inside Switzerland: use the postal giro payment slip sent to you.
  • Payment from abroad : transfer the required sum to the appropriate account at the Banque Cantonale de Fribourg


Reimbursement of semester tuition fee

Exmatriculation and reimbursement of the semester tuition fee is possible only if application for reimbursement is made before the deadlines, as follows:

Autumn semester 15th October
Spring semester 15th March