Application procedure

As soon as we have received your documents, you will get an acknowledgment by e-mail. We will send you a written decision by postal mail once the admission procedure will be completed. No information concerning the advancement of your dossier can be given by phone or by e-mail.

1a. Application

Please apply online and validate your application by the official deadline. Respect these deadlines even if you have not completed your studies or obtained your final qualifications. Do not wait until the last minute, the procedure can take several weeks.

1b. Payment of the application fee

When you apply online you may pay the application fee of CHF 50.- by credit card. Alternatively you may pay using the invoice which will be sent to you once your application request has been validated. If you choose this option you must include proof of payment with the other documents required to complete your application.

2. Expedition of the documents required for the handling of the application for admission

You find here the list of the documents that must be joined to your application for admission. At the end of the online application, this list will be personalized based on your personal information.

3. Handling of the application for admission and decision

When we have received all of the documents required, your application will be handled initially by:

  • the Office for Admissions and Registration who will formally analyse your application and decide whether or not you may be admitted to a master programme;
  • then the faculty concerned will take a decision concerning your admission to the chosen master programme.

When your application has been returned by the faculty we shall mail you a written decision. This procedure can last several weeks.

4. Presentation of the original version of your qualifications

In all cases, before the beginning of semester, you must present the original version of the qualifications required for admission, either by:

  • post;
  • personally presenting the documents during the opening hours of the Office for Admissions and Registration.

5. Handling of the application for admission and decision

When we have received all of the documents required, we shall consider your application for admission and mail you a written decision.

6. Expedition of the invoice for the semester tuition fee

As of end of July (autumn semester) or end of December (spring semester), you will receive an invoice for the payment of the semester tuition fee which should be remitted within the deadline.

7. Access to university facilities / beginning of studies

Along with your bill you will receive information concerning your e-Account which you must activate.

Once you have paid the semester tuition fee (but at the very earliest one week after payment) you can:

• enrol for courses;
• receive a Campus Card;
• print your attestation of registration at MyUniFR.

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