Guest students: minor studies

The University of Fribourg offers students registered at another Swiss university the possibility to study a minor for as long as the home university does not offer that particular minor.

Deadline for an application for admission

The deadlines for an application for admission to the University of Fribourg are the 30th September for the autumn semester and the 28th February for the spring semester.

Conditions of admission

In order to register as an guest student (minor studies), you must be registered at another Swiss university and have obtained the approval of the Dean’s office of the faculties at the University of Fribourg and the home university.

Procedure of application

Please apply online within the given deadline.
The following documents are required in PDF format:

  • Letter of approval from the home university
  • Registration certificate from the home university


We will handle your application and send you confirmation, a Campus Card as well as an eAccount. You can then:

  • activate your eAccount;
  • enrol for courses.


Payment of the semester tuition fee

Guest students (minor studies) are not required to pay the semester tuition fee.

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