Persons over 18 years of age can follow most of the courses offered by the University of Fribourg as auditors.


Certain courses, seminars or practical courses are not available. For more ample information please consult the programme des cours.

Procedure of application

Please apply online. If you followed courses during the previous semester you are not required to re-register and will automatically receive an invoice for the coming semester.

Tuition fee

We shall send you an invoice for the tuition fee which includes, for each semester, the base charge of CHF 30.- as well as a tuition fee of CHF 25.- per hour for each course followed.

If you are aged 65 or over, you pay a forfeit of CHF 55.- per semester.


If you decide to follow courses for 6 hours per week during the whole semester, you will pay the following fees:

Basic fee CHF 30.-
Tuition fee:  6 hours  at CHF 22.- CHF 150.-
CHF 180.-



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