General information

Deadline for submitting an application for admission

The deadlines for submitting an application for admission are the 30th April for the autumn semester and the 30th November for the spring semester.

Candidates who will need to obtain a visa to enter and remain in Switzerland are strongly recommended to submit their complete application file to the University at the latest by 28th February for the autumn semester and 30th September for the spring semester. Please note that it takes us several weeks to process each student application and to provide confirmation of a study place. Any application for a visa must include a copy of our letter certifying that the candidate has been granted admission to the University and should be submitted to the competent Swiss representation at least two months before courses begin (see:

If applications are received after this deadline we cannot guarantee that we will be able to process the application in time for a visa application to go through before the start of the semester in question. In such cases we regret that it is impossible for us to reimburse fees and other charges or to transfer the registration for any given semester to a later semester.

After these deadlines, a late application can be submitted under certain conditions.

Bachelor programme: special features

Studies in

- Medicine

- Remedial Education / Speech & Language Therapy

- Biomedical Sciences

- Science of Sport and Motricity

have special features.

Some studies can only begin in the autumn semester. 

more details

Definitive Failure

If you have a definitive failure in a given degree or study programme (major), at another Swiss or foreign university or university of applied sciences you cannot be admitted to the same study programme.

If you have two definitive failure, you cannot be admitted to the University of Fribourg.

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