Survey of International Organizations

Sample program

Survey of International Organizations
(Economic, Political and Humanitarian)


Sample Course Program

Orientation (Sunday, June)
Information Session/Welcome Dinner

Week 1 (June - July)
Monday- What are Human Rights? (Joanna Bourke-Martignoni, University of Fribourg)
Tuesday- The Role of International Organizations & Global Solutions (Jeanette Tantillo, Webster University, Geneva)
Wednesday- The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and Global Issues (morning) (Pierre-André Cordey, Policy Advisor, SDC, Global Programme Food Security) Human Rights and International Development (afternoon) (Giancarlo de Picciotto, Senior Advisor, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs)
Thursday- Preparatory Session for Geneva Study Visit
Friday- Study Visit to: UN Conference on Disarmament & UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights & the UNHCR in Geneva (Departure: 7:00am)

Week 2 (July)
Monday- Multilateral System: Views from a European Perspective
(Julien Chaisse, World Trade Institute, Berne)
Tuesday- Swiss--US Economic Relations: Challenges and Perspectives
(Philippe Nell, Minister, Head of Americas Unit, Federal Department of Economic Affairs)
Wednesday- Local Currencies and Global Imbalances: the Roots of the Current Economic Crisis (Sergio Rossi, University of Fribourg)
Thursday- Mid-term Exam
Friday- Study Visit to the WIPO, WTO and ILO in Geneva (Departure: 7am – Return: 7pm)

Week 3 (July)
Monday- Workshop: European Union (Valentine Offenloch, ETH)
Tuesday- Institutional Law of the European Union (Andrea Egbuna-Joss, University of Fribourg)
Wednesday- European Integration, the European Neighborhood Policy and Its Global Ramifications (Nicolas Hayoz, University of Fribourg)
Thursday- 2-day Study Visit to Strasbourg/ European Parliament & European Court of Human Rights - (Departure: 6:15am)
Friday- Council of Europe (Return: 7:00pm)

Week 4 (July)
Monday- New Perspectives on Children in Armed Conflict (Valentine Offenloch, ETH)
Tuesday- Corporate Responsibility and International Organizations (Chris Ligouri, IBM Europe)
Wednesday- Review Session
Thursday- Study Visit to the ICRC / Farewell Dinner (Departure: 7:00am – Return: 11:00pm)

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