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General Q/A

- Why Fribourg?

Fribourg is a wonderful medieval city in the heart of Switzerland. It is located on the so-called "Roeschtigraben," the cultural frontier between French and German speaking Switzerland. For this reason, the town is one of Europe's few bilingual cities with a University.

Fribourg is located in close proximity to Geneva, the host city of many international organizations. Its University is well respected across Europe and the world.

- How's the weather?

Summer temperatures in Switzerland fluctuate. While summers tend to be sunny and warm, there may be days of rain. In some areas, skiing is possible year-round. Definitely bring your bathing suit - there's a nice public pool in the city, and many inviting lakes in Fribourg's close proximity.

- How to get to Fribourg, and beyond?

The fastest way to travel from the US to Europe is by airplane. You may want to contact a travel agent or surf the internet to obtain schedule and airfare information. Make sure that you ask for student fares and that you start looking for good deals early (March/April). The best period to purchase a ticket appears to be 8-4 weeks prior to your planned departure date, or just a few days before the course begins (last minute). However, last minute arrangements bear the risk of inconvenient departure/arrival times, long lay-overs, and multiple stops/plane changes.

Fribourg is located in the heart of Switzerland. It can be easily reached by train from Switzerland's three main International Airports in Geneva, Zurich or Basel, or from any major European city. If you intend to use public transportation frequently (and spend above CHF 300 on it) while staying in Switzerland, you may want to consider buying an "abonnement demi-tarif." For a set price (currently CHF 150) you'll get a personalized ID card, which will allow you to get any public transportation ticket within Switzerland at half price. You'll need a recent passport picture to obtain the ID card. Alternatively, you may want to buy a) the "Gleis 7" rail pass for CHF 99, which allows you to use public transport for free after 7pm; or a "Monthly Card" for CHF 350, which allows you to use public transport for free for an entire month at any time; or a day pass for CHF 56, which allows you to use public transport for free for one day in all of Switzerland. Check your various options here.

If you're planning to visit other European cities during or after your stay in Fribourg, you may want to use one of the numerous low cost air carriers or simply travel by train.

- Accommodation?

You'll be staying in a single room at the Cité St. Justin, a student dorm directly adjacent to campus. Rooms have a bed, sheets, blankets, pillow and a sink; some may even have a balcony. The management provides all bed linens but does not give out hand or bath towels. The rooms are by no means luxurious but comfortable and centrally located. There are showers on each floor.

The house rules have to be respected at all times. If you do not adhere to the rules, you may lose your housing privileges and be sent home by the director.

The Cité disposes of a laundry facility that operates with coins. You can buy soap conveniently in any of the numerous supermarkets in town.

- Meals?

Continental breakfast is served weekdays from 7-9:00am and weekends from 8-9:30am. The breakfast is included in the room arrangement. In addition, you'll get 20 meal cards for lunch and dinner. Meals at the Cité include soup or salad, a main course and dessert. Drinks are not included, though tap water is provided free of charge. Lunch time is roughly around noon, and dinner time around 6pm. Considering that it's dorm food, the quality of the meals is actually pretty good, one of last year's students observed.

- Orientation Session/Welcome Dinner?

We will be holding an orientation session on Sunday from 5 to 6pm at the Cité St-Justin. You'll be informed about the exact location of the meeting when checking in. Topics to be discussed are of a general nature, mainly pertaining to life in Fribourg. Following the orientation session, you are invited to a formal reception and welcome dinner at one of Fribourg's outstanding restaurants. Don't miss this opportunity to make new friends and enjoy a wonderful banquet.

- Field Trips?

We'll be undertaking a number of day long field trips to Geneva (four to five) and one two-day field trip to Strasbourg/France. Lunch during these excursions will be sponsored by the Program. We'll be eating at the cafeterias of various international organizations, where the food is generally yummy! Our means of transportation is a comfortable tour bus, equipped with a toilet and driven by a professional driver.

- Computer Access/Telephone?

You will be granted access to the University's computer lab. If you equip your laptop with a wi-fi card, you will be able to use it in various internet cafes around campus. The Cité does not provide you with access to computers, nor will you have a phone in your room. There are "shared" phones in the hallways to receive calls and phone boxes to place calls. For good international rates, we recommend that you use a pre-paid calling card. A much more costly alternative is to purchase your own pre-paid portable phone. Make sure you check the various plans available on the Swiss market (Swisscom, Orange, etc.).

- Farewell Dinner?

We'll celebrate the end of the program with another fine banquet, somewhere between Geneva and Fribourg. You are - of course - once again our guest!

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